Reflections and Ramblings about This Week

Happy Second week of Advent all,

I pray this entry finds you happy, healthy and well. Tis the season of colds, sore throats and all that icky stuff that encompassesDecember and our Katy Perry weather. Here are a few highlights from the story called my life:

  1. This Thursday my second semester of grad school will be finally completed!! Over 300 hours in the field, lots of papers, finals and presentations have comprised the past 4 months! Thank God the end is in sight! Come on August 2015!
  2. 2. For all who offered prayers, positive thoughts and study time towards my DSM final, it all paid off! My final grade was an A-! Hopefully when I become a therapist I can remember all I learned.
  3. 3. As I mentioned above it’s the second week of Advent and I need your tips and tricks. I’m not doing as well as I had hoped with my intentions. What helps you stay on track during advent? I suppose I ought to remind myself today is a new day to begin again.
  4. 4. Can you believe it’s nearly 2015? So much has happened this year. What highlights have happened in your life? I started my MSW program, K began kindergarten, she’s reading and writing, I didn’t leisure read as much as I hoped, God placed some new friends in my life and I continue to learn more about letting go of my prescribed plan for life. It sure is not easy, however all we can do is keep on trying.
  5. 5. Here’s an interesting recap of a conversation I had this week with a friend about religion and friendships along with some things to ponder. Are your close friends of the same faith or they nonreligious? How have your less than religious friends impacted your life? I believe everyone has important lessons to teach each other. I appreciate that my friends who are not of any particular faith respect and accept my beliefs and values. We may not agree all the time, however we can at least have a dialogue about various issues. I’ve learned about true compassion, kindness and acceptance through these friends. I love my Catholic/Christian friends; they help enrich and challenge my faith journey. One friend in particular has such a gentle spirit and has a way of putting life into perspective when I am overwhelmed by the demands of the world. Wherever you are on the faith spectrum, know you are in my prayers and God loves you. May the light of Christ shine in you this Christmas and always! Thank you for all you bring to my life. Until next time, Anjelina

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