Blessed to be part of the Catholic (Universal) church

“Let not your heart be disturbed… Am I not here, who is your Mother? Are you not under my protection? Am I not your health? Are you not happily within my fold? What else do you wish? Do not grieve nor be disturbed by anything.” (Our Lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego)

Today millions of Catholics celebrate the Feastday of our Lady of Guadalupe. I’ve heard of Juan Diego but did not fully know the story of his apparition of Mary until I went to the Googley Google. After hearing coverage from the Basilica in Mexico City and the shrine located in Illinois on the Sirius radio, I have so many mixed emotions. I’m so blessed to be part of a faith which never is dull along with thinking about how my faith informs my life. I love the Liturgical seasons of the Catholic Church along with the celebrations and reflections. There is always something new to be learned along with ways ay can grow spiritually. On my bucket list is to take a pilgrimage to Rome and before I’m too old attend World Youth Day. What places are on your bucket list?
When I ponder Juan Diego’s experience, I wonder how I would respond if our Blessed Mother came to me and told me to do something. Would I allow my skepticism to hinder my ability to trust God’s Devine will? Or would I trust that I wasn’t losing my marbles and do what I was told. How often am I skeptical and resistant to share what God puts on my heart or in my mind? In Mexico pilgrims walk on their knees for miles to the shrine—that’s true dedication! How dedicated to my/our faith are we when we suffer pain or are uncomfortable?
As much as I’d like to say I fully trust God and have a sincere devotion to our Blessed Mother, I admit it’s a work in progress. I’m a super sinner who at times gets caught up in the world’s pursuits and is fearful of defending my faith. When do you struggle with self-doubt in regards to your faith?

Mary used a peasant man who on a Saturday was simply walking miles to Mass to bring about conversions and adoration to her son. Just imagine how we can be instruments to give voice to our faith by our actions and words! Let’s live out our lives with authenticity and openness to anyone we meet. We never know how God uses those around us to enrich our faith journey or influence those around us.
Have a blessed day.
Until next time,


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