Singleness and Contentment

“Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.” ― Mandy Hale,


Good evening blog reader,

This entry is brought to you by the letter J for my friend Jenea. If it weren’t for her coaxing and wise words, I don’t think I would’ve had the courage to share our conversation. I’ve been pondering what to write about—the third week of Advent, finishing up another semester, books I’m reading, funny experiences with sighted friends, yummy food… The list goes on. So, I settled on Jenea’s recommendation. Prior to our fun-filled DSM study session which was of course accompanied by Starbucks for me and tea for her,   I asked her how she remains content with being single in a world which sends us so many mixed messages. Here’s a little background about our differences and similarities. We are both passionate about social work and want to use our degrees to improve the lives of others or share our faith with those we come in contact. I’m a practicing Catholic and she’s a practicing Mormon and we both respect each other’s faiths even though she says Catholic Mass is boring. LAll kidding aside, I’ve been able to not only find a friend in Jenea because of our student status, but also for her openness, acceptance and willingness to see me as a person who happens to be blind. So thanks Jenea! You rock and are an awesome social worker!

Now onto being content with being single in a world which portrays that everyone’s in a relationship or at least Facebook likes to announce the good news…. Seriously, I am happy for all my friends who are engaged, in a relationship or married! I wish you all the best in your relationships. So what about us single ladies? What about those days you feel alone, like you’ll never “find” that “right” guy? Where you read Nicholas Sparks and eat Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice-cream, yeah, I’m that girl, and pray to God He removes the desire to marry from your heart. Ok, really most days aren’t’ that bad.

Here are some wise nuggets I was reminded of after my wonderful talk with Jenea.

  1. Until we are happy with ourselves and our state in life we can’t be happy with someone else. We can’t look to others to find joy and fulfillment—only God can bring us the joy and contentment we yearn.


  1. Being single isn’t a death sentence. It doesn’t imply we are doing something wrong or that we are not good enough. When you live a life that goes against the grain of society, your choices are naturally limited. Choosing to have your faith inform your moral compass sets you apart, but you are not alone.


  1. It is okay to have down days and struggle with where you want to be in life, but what matters most of all is what you do with your energy. Do you expend your time lamenting being single, or do you work on improving yourself to become the best you? I say it’s more fruitful to use the gifts God has given us then to squander them on being unhappy. (Yeah, that’s why we’re in grad school, right?)


  1. Life is to short–enjoy every day to its fullest whether you are in a relationship or single. Even though positive aspects may be hiden behind clouds of sadness or longing, find the blessings in every moment you are given.


Thanks for reading. What advice would you add to this post? I pray wherever you are in life you’re days are filled with joy, contentment and peace.

Until next time,



One thought on “Singleness and Contentment

  1. you are awesome!!!!! We can’t settle and give up what we value most (values, faith,) and what we really desire for something we think we want. One day what we really want will come!!! Glad you chose to write about our conversation!!!

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