Merry Christmas 2014

“The truth which makes us free is Christ, because only he can respond fully to the thirst for life and love that is present in the human heart. Those who have encountered him and have enthusiastically welcomed his message experience the irrepressible desire to share and communicate this truth.” ~ Benedict XVI, Message for 42nd World Communications Day


Good Christmas day to you! What does Christmas mean to you? Today this short entry is a bit about what Christmas means to me. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  1. Most importantly the Advent season and Christmas is about awaiting and preparing for baby Jesus. Not only do we celebrate His birth, we also rejoice over the joy and redemption He brings to all of us. May He bring you and your family and friends peace, hope and joy this Christmas season.


  1. Christmas is about yummy candy, silly festive hats and an ongoing friendly atmosphere at the internship. It’s about playing fun Holiday games at Christmas parties along with relishing in the company of mentors, co-workers and social work colleagues. It’s about spending quiet time reflecting over the past year and what’s to come.


  1. Christmas is a time of togetherness, fellowship and an overall sense of happiness with family and friends.


  1. Christmas is about listening to the gift of children sing songs and read scripture about the Christmas story. It is witnessing their innocence and excitement to celebrate time with the ones who love and cherish them most.


  1. Christmas is watching K open her gifts with enthusiasm along with spending time playing with her new toys and games.

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