The purpose for being prolife

Hello there on this wintery day,

I hope this entry finds you well. This week is such a time of mixed blessings. It has been something like 42 years since the decision which legalized abortion, but on a positive note despite the cold many people today will participate in the March for Life. This amazing event is turning from a primarily Catholic event to a collection of Christians who want to urge the secular world to embrace life, no matter what stage of development.

For me it’s a powerful day in which I thank God for K, who is a constant blessing in my life. Each day I see new ways in which she’s growing into her own unique person. I pray for all the children who are in heaven because they were not given a chance at life for whatever reason and offer support and encouragement to anyone who has had an abortion. I pray in our lives we all are able to embrace the wisdom of our beautiful church when it comes to all issues, especially life from conception to natural death. Even though so many people told me to have an abortion, I am thankful for the examples my parents were in my birth as well as my sisters.

I could ramble on and on, but time is being demanding right now. Let’s practice in our everyday actions and lives the importance of life, even if it’s not easy or socially acceptable.

Until next time,



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