pre-Valentine’s day 2015

Dear readers,

Here is a quote I will write about: Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.” Saint Augustine

As I type on this pre-Valentine’s day, I have love on the brain. Not that type of mushy oxytocin-induced, Nicholas Sparks, short-lived love—rather enduring love. Unconditional love. I pray for God to bless me with this human love someday, but as I know I must first give God my heart and forever love. Ok, so about the quote: The above quote is so true. If I hadn’t had my heart broken, or sadly broke hearts, I would not know love. Love is being honest with the other when it’s painful, even though you may hurt that person, love is not living a lie or denying feelings. I admire the men who have broken my heart, because they have made me a stronger woman. They have built up the healthy scar tissue around my heart that only God and potentially my future husband (if it be God’s will) are able to penetrate. Love is about encouraging the other, being vulnerable when it’s tough. Love is about believing in ourselves as much as in us as a team with another. It’s about allowing God to always be our rock. The one we go to in silent adoration or in the privacy of the confessional when our spirit and soul is hurt and torn.

It would be easy for me to feel negative about the upcoming Valentine’s Day, jealous for those who are in relationships, but I have God and so much more to look forward too. Even if I don’t meet my future husband on this side of heaven, I pray we always know the real love of the one who loves us more than we can ever imagine. I write these words for you reader, but also for myself—for those days when I feel alone, sad and lost because I am single.

My friends who are feeling alone, I am thinking of and praying for you. We need to always return to the arms of the one who will never break our heart without a good reason, let us down, or make us cry. Well, wait that last one isn’t true… God has done the above three things, but I also know His plans are better than mine. Smile, so with my limited human understanding some tears and tares at my soul won’t hurt too much. Today I will offer up a rosary for my single friends, those in relationships and anyone who is feeling alone.

Until next time,



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