NAS: Loneliness

2/10: Loneliness

We all have times when we feel alone. What are ways that you combat loneliness? Pray? Join a group? How can we encourage each other to stay positive?


Good Tuesday readers,

What a great topic for these cold, dreary winter months. I notice for me this time of year is when my mood takes a downward spiral and I fight against loneliness. Thankfully this year since I’ve been so busy the tide has turned for the better. When I feel alone I first go to God and pray for him to take my feelings away, however I am learning there is a purpose in all we go through. So even if he doesn’t take away my feelings of loneliness, I do have other avenues such as the NAS group which is a wonderful Facebook group of ladies who are always willing to offer up a prayer which means a lot. Journaling also helps me sort through my feelings.

Since it’s so easy to get stuck in my emotions when I’m not feeling the best I often need to talk with my no-nonsense friends near and far who put life into perspective. They remind me that although I feel I have so much I want to give and share with another person, there are many other ways I can give back. Whether that’s volunteering my time, giving all I have to miss K or putting my energy into school, I’ve learned even as a social worker having the ability to help others combats feelings of loneliness.

Since there is a Facebook group, it’s a wonderful way to encourage each other. Even if it’s checking in to see how everyone is doing, this could give someone the opportunity to reach out and express how they are feeling.

Well, that’s all I have for today.

Until next time,



Be sure to check out the two ladies who are encouraging us all to fight against loneliness:


And Jen at:



3 thoughts on “NAS: Loneliness

  1. I love the camaraderie of the NAS group! So many of my local friends are married now that I can’t commiserate with them anymore. At least I have them keeping an eye out for men for me!

    (Sorry if this is a double post. seemed to have eaten my first attempt.)

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