Singleness is Like Vegetables

Totally can relate to this post.


Singleness is to marriage as vegetables are to dessert.

When I was kid, my parents’ rule was that in order to get dessert we had to eat our dinner, including a vegetable. I liked salad (especially soaked in ranch dressing) so that was never a problem for me. For some of my siblings though, it was torture. They would stare at their vegetables, pick at them, and sit there sulking. Sometimes, even covering the vegetables in ketchup was not enough.

Singleness is like those vegetables. Whether we don’t know our vocation, believe we’re called to marriage, or feel called to religious life, the fact is WAITING SUCKS!

I see cute couples on Facebook and can’t help but stare longingly at the little adorable children at Mass. No one my buys me flowers. No one takes me on romantic dates or gives me chocolate on Valentine’s Day (except my roommates sharing a bag…

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