A little Lenten update

Good snowy day readers,

My day has mostly consisted of diligently working on a clinical Practice paper that’s due in about a week and starting to ponder a Loss and Greif assignment. After reading more than I’d like about various types of family therapy and not comprehending the statistics, I decided to take a break for blog reading. What a much needed relief! The following short post is brought to you by the thoughts which have been rolling around in my head.

What motivates you on a daily basis to do what you do? IS it the satisfaction you receive from your job or accolades from friends? Maybe it’s the inner peace you receive from accomplishing a task. Lately I have been pondering what my motivator is—yes, Miss K is a huge one, but that’s also a lot of pressure to put on such a little one. I have a great deal of intrinsic motivation but also thrive on external motivators as well. It might be certain grades or verbal praise. I have been such a slacker thus far this Lenten season. I’ve wanted to finish the book I started last Lent, but it’s still waiting for me on my Braille Note. I received such a precious handmade cord rosary this past week as a gift from a lovely lady who is part of the NAS (not alone series) Facebook group which I vowed I’d pray this Lent and it still retains its prominent place next to my bed. Do you see a pattern?

What I mostly love about Lent is the time for detachment from the world and increased closeness to God, however so far I’ve lost sight of what matters most. I’ve dedicated so much time to school in attempts to be successful, which I know deserves its rightful place, however it can’t be my “everything.” It feels as if so many parts of life require immediate attention. This is partially why I’ve given up Trivia Crack; even though I enjoy the mind challenging aspect of the game, it became habit forming. I’m the first to vouch for the myriad of reasons why a smart phone is such an essential tool, however I’m realizing it can be the biggest nuisance. Since I’m such an attached techy type of person, lately I’ve been challenging myself to be okay with detaching and sitting in silence.

When it comes to school there will come a time, even though it feels like it’s never ending, where this educational social work season in life will end then it will be time to transition to the next new thing. Prayerfully a job is on the horizon but what I know should be my focus is doing all things for the glory of God rather than my own self-satisfaction no matter the season of life. At times I worry so much about wanting to be successful in this life that I lose sight of the big picture. While my perfectionistic tendencies have served me well in some situations, it has hindered my growth in others such as spiritually. Rather than ruminate on what I’m not doing right, I’m blessed we have today which is a new day to either pray at least a decade or revisit The Imitation of Christ. How do you balance the many wants in life?

I pray whatever your motivator is you tackle it with zeal and live each day to the fullest!

Until next time,



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