brief book review. Un Moving Four Ward: Tales & Tips for Keeping Perspective despite Life’s Challenges

Un Moving Four Ward: Tales & Tips for Keeping Perspective despite Life’s Challenges

By Bob Bell

Author’s site:

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Hi there,

I could ramble on and on about this great book which I first heard about on the Catholic Guy show. The below link is the podcast for the episode


Since I found so many take-aways, I’ll attempt to keep this brief. I hope the above links direct you to a wonderful book I recently completed reading on my Kindle app on the iPad. If you enjoy inspirational books which encourage you to grow or examine new perspectives, this is a good read for you. With my busy schedule and lots of tasks calling for my attention, this easy-read was a needed break from my life. I could relate too many of his experiences in relation to public attitudes and misconceptions about my abilities. For my Braille buds, he even acknowledges those of us who read using the raised dots! How cool is that?

At times I become hyper-focused on frustrations or struggles I face because I’m blind, and this book totally helped me appreciate where and who I am; I needed the reality check. After reading this witty, informative book, by a Catholic author I appreciated Bob Bell’s attitude and approach to his disability. He’s in a wheelchair, requires assistance with many personal tasks we take for granted and he continues to smile and makes light of his situations. Another aspect of the book I appreciated was his continued faith in God. Although he was paralyzed at the age of 19, he still trusts God and gives him the thanks for his challenges.

How often do we fall prey to feeling sorry for ourselves because of some facet of our lives? I know I’m so guilty of this trap, however Bob brought to my attention with humor that God can take our feelings and words no matter how salty. I won’t say the author is amazing because I don’t like when I’m called “amazing”, but I will say he’s sure someone to admire and his attitude is worth emulating. As a world-traveler, college professor, lawyer who’s had pretty big jobs, he does not allow his disability to prevent him for actively living his life to the fullest.

I encourage us all to enjoy every day God has given us because life is such a precious gift. Even with our own challenges, whether visible or hidden, we can overcome.

Until next time,



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