Weekly wrap-up number 1

Good rainy pi day to all who may read this entry,

My goal is to attempt on a weekly basis to write a review of my week. Hmm, that sounds sort of redundant, but I’m sure you get my drift. Here we go for post number Uno! Please be sure to let me know how your week is going.

My week has consisted of more blog entries than I anticipated. I thought at first I would simply be linking up with the lovely Not-Alone-Series ladies, however new stories and book reviews became topics for other blog entries. There also was more downtime than usual at the internship, so I thought I’d do some blogging.

This week we returned from spring break, yes I’m super stoked this was my last spring break ever, and classes are back on track. Next Thursday I have a big ol’ clinical practice paper to turn in and another one to begin. This is the fun life of a grad student. My friend Jess made my day before class by informing me we can order our cap and gowns for graduation! How exciting! She also came up with a wonderful idea. Since self-care is so important in the social work field, we are going to gather our little group and take a day to decorate our caps.

Wednesday evening I participated in a parent outreach event with the staff from the Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services (BBVS), which was a super success. I always enjoy doing what I can to spread a positive philosophy of blindness and those with low-vision.

On the Mommy front things are going well. I noticed today Miss K learned to pronounce her R’s! On one hand I’m happy for her, however on the other I’m sad to see this little cutism dissipate.

This evening I was able to spend time with a beautiful friend who has been with me since my college years at Kutztown began. We had yummy good meat-free grub at a local eatery, and caught up on life. Btw, if you are reading this thanks for being my friend; you are such a blessing in my life.

Oh my! I almost forgot to share the good news! My Braille display had to go in for some repairs, and Thursday it returned still in working order.

To wrap up this entry I’ll tell you a bit about my rainy upcoming weekend. It’ll consist of Mass tomorrow evening, paper writing, qt with my precious little one and whatever else rolls my way. Sunday will be a day of relaxation and hopefully time outside in this spring-like weather.

So, now that I’ve shared about my week, tell me all about your adventures!

Until next time,



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