Week in Review #2

Week in Review Number 2

Hello readers,

How was your week? I’d love to know about your ventures. I’m linking up with Home to 4 Kiddos over at:


Be sure to check out her informative blog. 🙂


Well, about my week… First of all even though there may be some slush outside, I’d like to say happy spring! It’s so close but yet so far away! Hopefully within the next few weeks we can see some spring-like temps here on the East coast.

Is it really Friday again? It has been a busy week. With the usual internship and classes, time sure is flying. Yesterday I applied for my final summer semester of grad school! I’m so excited and ready to finally begin the job of job seeking; I’m ready to be a contributing member of society. Tuesday I linked up with the NAS ladies and talked about challenges. Stay tuned for future posts about how that progress is going or not going. If I haven’t said it publically and it’s been one of those thoughts I’ve had but never expressed, I must say I am so thankful I found such a lively, lovely, spiritually-enriching group of fellow Catholic ladies who encourage each other to be the best we can be. I like that there’s a mixture of single and engaged ladies; it’s not like once you switch over from single to dating, or dating to engaged you aren’t welcomed. So if you have a moment check out Morgan, Jen and all the other NAS ladies.

On the internship front I’m learning a lot about the new child abuse laws and have had some fun sessions with different activities all within a week. I can only imagine how faster time will fly when I begin working.

I’ve had some struggles finding an accessible social work licensure prep course which hopefully will soon be resolved. Despite my frustration, I won’t put any particular group under the bus. Btw, why does it have to be a bus? Ok, back on track. So the whole LSW issue has been consuming a lot of my time and energy. I’ll be grateful when I hopefully pass this July or August.

In happier news, Miss K and I were able to enjoy some beautiful weather this week after she came home from school! Even though the grass was muddy, going for a little walk was refreshing. She was so excited to play with her friend across the street; they really haven’t had a chance to play since our balmy Christmas. Well, that’s about it for my week in review. How was your week? I pray you have a refreshing and relaxing weekend! I’m so happy to have you as a reader.

Until next time,



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