A new day to begin again

Taken from Everything Catholic on Facebook: I’m blessed to have another day to begin again! My Lord, I offer you my thoughts: to be fixed on you; My words: to have you for their theme; My actions: to reflect my love for you; My sufferings: to be endured for your greater glory. I want to do what you ask of me: In the way you ask, for as long as you ask, because you ask it. Lord, enlighten my understanding, strengthen my will, Purify my heart, and make me holy. Help me to repent of my past sins and to resist temptation in the future. Help me to rise above my human weaknesses and to grow stronger as a Christian. Amen.

Good March Monday marvelous readers,

Yes, I tried to keep the alliteration going, but I doubt you’d like to be called minions. J I pray your day is going well. I thought I’d stop by and post this beautiful timely prayer I came across on Facebook this morning. Lately I’ve been really struggling to be a loving daughter, Mother and at times friend when I feel stressed and overwhelmed which is not an excuse for my behaviors/reactions. This prayer, which for me is worth memorizing, not only refocuses my attention on whom I need to please above all, but also reminds me of the many temptations of this world which are pulling for our attention. Feelings of doubt, worry, anger, injustice, sadness and whatever else is mixed up in the blender of my brain are all working to draw me further and further from God. I’m so thankful for another day to begin again, to apologize to those I love for my wrongs and attempt to learn from my mistakes. I am thankful to be alive because I have had fleeting feelings of just being done with it all. For my social work friends, I do not have any thoughts of harming myself or others. At times I feel so tired of fighting figuratively and literally. All I want to feel is the peace only God can bring, however, right now I’m in a spiritual dry spell. I don’t like where I am because this is when I feel most tempted by those nagging demons. This is where I’m realizing I’m all in the game or not. This place I am in can either bring out the worst in me or I can choose to grow from it. Today I choose to let go of the negative thoughts/feelings I’ve felt and I ask for God’s mercy/forgiveness. I pray God can help me to understand why I am in this desert and teach me what I’m meant to learn. Every day we have a new chance to learn from yesterday, hope for tomorrow and live for today. What better time such as Lent to acknowledge my weaknesses and become the person God has created me to be.

Where are you spiritually? When you are in a spiritual dry spell how do you cope?

If you are also in this place, I pray this article may help:



[I have] this terrible sense of loss, this untold darkness, this loneliness, this continual longing for God, which gives me that pain deep down in my heart. Darkness is such that I really do not see, neither with my mind nor with my reason. The place of God in my soul is blank. There is no God in me. When the pain of longing is so great I just long and long for God and then it is that I feel He does not want me, He is not there…Sometimes I just hear my own heart cry out ‘My God’ and nothing else comes. The torture and pain I can’t explain.” Mother Theresa


Until next time,



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