Short Weekly wrap-up #3!

Hello reader,

Has it really been three weeks I’ve been writing a wrap-up? Wow, time sure does fly. This week has gone a bit faster than others. I contribute this to being busy, busy and busier. For you grammar experts, was that correct? J This entry has fully of beginnings and some endings along with being in the middle.

Here are some highlights from my week:

With the help of a coworker we put together a nice PowerPoint and compiled handouts about the agency I’ve been interning with since the end of August. It’s hard to believe the end of April will mark the end of my field experience. I’m grateful to all who have made it an enriching learning environment. I enjoyed seeing other agencies and what their interns have been doing.

I can’t thank my friends and faculty enough for being so supportive and encouraging in the process of convincing Bryn Mawr their LSW course needed to be made fully accessible. Thursday I learned changes are in the works and I will be able to take the course this July. I was so thankful this battle for inclusion ended on a happy note. I’m learning this is what social work is all about—being a change agent!

Miss K started soccer! She’s really excited to play the game and meet new friends! I can’t believe she’s going to be in first grade next school year!

This week I blogged about my Lent with the NAS ladies. Although this Lent wasn’t what I expected, I’m so thankful for the lessons of gratitude God has been teaching me. It’s hard to believe tomorrow is Palm Sunday and Holy week begins.

How was your week? I pray you have a wonderful Holy week.

Until next time,



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