Weekly Wrap-up #4

Hello reader,
It’s hard to believe we are at another weekly wrap up! How was your week? Any new realizations or life changing thoughts? I’d be curious to read. 
So, here’s my meager update. Btw, I’m posting using the Mobile site since I’m unable to figure out the newer WordPress editor. If you are a screen reader user and have suggestions I’m all ears/fingers.

Today is Good Friday. This term for the day has sort of confused me in a way. How can such a sad day of death be good? Well, here’s my simple attempt at theology or reasoning. If it weren’t for Christ’s death we wouldn’t have the gift of salvation, the gift of forever with Him. This is good—the best gift anyone could ever give. He gave his life so that we may live forever with him. I know I’m channeling some CCM song with that last sentence. 

What a beautiful change in weather we’ve experienced on the East coast. Spring is on the way. Even though we may have some rain showers, I’m hoping and praying that S. word is gone for now. Miss K and I have enjoyed time outside riding bike or playing her imaginative games.

I unfortunately was unable to link up with the NAS ladies, but I’ll be back this next week. I hope we can meet up in Philadelphia in September. I’d love to meet these ladies who have helped me carry my cross of singleness with purpose and prayer.

School continues to go well. I’m ready for the end of the semester and graduation. Despite walking before I’ve actually completed the last three courses, I’m excited for the fun/gathering. I purchased my cap, hood and gown this week. The end is in sight! This month is going to fly by since papers, projects and presentations are all due in the next three weeks. Whoa! I need to get writing!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been seriously pondering my next big step in life. After gathering more information I’ll eventually let you know whether or not I decide to go down this next path. I pray for clarity for my ultimate decision. I’ve really been thinking about what I’m passionate about and where I can integrate my heart, mind and soul into the work I do. This is where I want to eventually land when it comes to a career. I enjoy therapy, however it is quite emotionally draining but also enriching. This week a client brought up the topic of faith and his desire to return to his Catholic faith. I enjoyed being able to disclose I’m a practicing Catholic and openly talk about faith. I also have a passion for working with those who are blind and doing my small part to instill in them a positive philosophy of what it means to be blind in a sighted world, however I don’t want to pigeonhole myself. God, give me guidance.
Well, that’s about it for now. I pray you have a blessed Easter!



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