Christus resurrexit!


Hallelujah! He has risen!

On this joyous morning I wish you a blessed Easter! This entry will be short because the above song encapsulates what Easter is all about. Here is what I meant to publish yesterday during Easter Vigil:

I did not accomplish all my goals this Lent, however, I am thankful to God for helping me grow closer to him and detach more from the world. I pray that during and after Easter we continue to grow closer to God and less dependent on the world. I truly love this Holy week and it’s enriching spiritual experiences! Christ’s resurrection, the end of Lent, the celebration of those who join the family of the church along with my gratitude for another day to live are all reasons to sing praises to God.

Learning to be patient, obedient and loving when I feel far from are what I long to do for my loved ones as well as for God. I feel as if God is pouring light back into my life after my episode of a spiritual dry spell. As everyone walks into the church this evening with their individual candle and receives the light from the paschal candle, this is how I feel about my soul. Without God we are nothing. Without His love we are lost. Without his hands we are broken. Without His touch we are in the dark. The sound of the church bells brings my heart so much joy. Jesus has risen for me and you! Khrystos voskres

God bless you reader forever and always, your humanly flawed friend,

Until next time,



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