Weekly Wrap-up #4

Good afternoon bloggers,

How are you on this beautiful Sunday? I have been such a slacker when it comes to blogging. J Here’s a short synopsis of my week.

First of all, what beautiful weather we had on Monday! As soon as I came outside I loved the feel of the sun, the sound of the birds and could visualize how blue the sky must have looked. Today is another one of those lovely days, however, I’ve been working on writing papers. Three more assignments and a final stand between me and the end of the semester.

The end of the semester truly is in sight. Wednesday I received permission to begin either transitioning or terminating client sessions at my internship. How exciting! I had a successful experience running a group at my other former internship. The topic was misconceptions of blindness and how to refrute them. Even though we didn’t stay on topic, I’m learning if possible allowing the participants lead is best. As much as I gripe about school, it sure is going by quickly. Thank God for advanced standing!

I received an e-mail which stated my graduation regalia has been shipped! I can’t wait to get together with my social work friends for a decoration party. J

Since I forgot on Tuesday to post the lovely NAS link-up hosts blog sites, here they are:



And Morgan at:


With that I will say see you until Tuesday for the NAS link-up. Have a blessed Devine Mercy Sunday

Until next time,



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