Not Alone Series: Blind Dates

Have you seen the show Married at First Sight? Along this thread, what is your opinion on being set up by family, friends, or an “expert”? Would you be open to a blind date? If you’d like, share your thoughts on arranged marriages!

Good Wednesday reader,

I’m a day late to the link-up, but I figured now is better than never. Smile

So, onto yesterday’s topic… I’ll first say I think the idea of arranged marriages is interesting and I’m open to the concept of blind dates. After all as a blind person wouldn’t it just make sense? Ok, that was a flat joke. Even though I’ve not been on a date in like forever, being matched up with someone by a friend or family member wouldn’t be the end of the world. Who knows—out of the date I could either make a friend or meet my future husband. In life I’m learning to be open to possibilities. God works in mysterious ways, and letting go of my timetables and life projections is something I am working on. So for my friends or any family who read this, keep your eyes open for me. J

As for arranged marriages: even though it’s not a part of American culture, I do believe in some situations it can work. I know someone whose marriage was arranged by her family in another country and she fell in love with the guy. I think especially if your standards are taken into consideration either blind dates are arranged marriages could work. So, that’s my little blurb on this subject.

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One thought on “Not Alone Series: Blind Dates

  1. Yikes, that was a bad joke! I see what you mean, though, and I am totally with you about arranged marriages still having potential. When people hear “arranged marriage,” they think “mail-order bride” or a veritable kidnapping! It doesn’t have to be that intense.

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