Reflections and lessons learned at Mass

Good day, whenever you may read this entry. I wish a blessed Mothers’ Day to all my Mommy friends and all who serve in a motherly capacity. On this day we recognize all you do and the sacrifices you make. I wish a special blessed day to my Mom—without you I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today. I am blessed to call Miss K my daughter and am so thankful God put her in my life at the right time.

Since I’ve totally gotten off the spiritual path recently, I thought I’d write a bit about my experience at the vigil Mass today as a reminder for myself when I feel deserted by God.

The sacrament of confession truly cleanses the soul and is an opportunity to begin again. I’m so thankful to be part of the Catholic Church and its rich sacraments! Whether it’s receiving the Eucharist after a heart-felt confession, or seeing a baby being baptized into the church, I know without a doubt this universal church is my spiritual home and so much more. Now onto what I learned from today’s readings and Gospel at Mass. I’d be curious to read what you learned this Mother’s Day weekend at your church service and upcoming weeks no matter your denomination. I will try my best to write my reflections on a weekly basis.

The focus of the homily was “love one another.” The word love appears 20 times in the readings, so it must be pretty significant. What I thought was interesting is how faith and culture beautifully intersected today, with tomorrow being Mother’s Day and the role Mother’s play in their children’s lives of providing unconditional love, we have a peak into what God’s love is like. There are days I struggle to believe God unconditionally loves me with all my shortcomings, faults and foibles, but today we were reminded God’s love is always and complete. I know our culture throws around the word love quite easily. I mean, I do it also. I say I love my daughter and family, coffee, Dachsies and my latest obsession of Dice World, but what does that really mean? Human love can be so complicated at times. Whether it’s a romantic relationship or that of a family member after a breakup or falling out, one may love and another may not. What’s left is heartache and pain, however, with God there isn’t human conditions put on His love. Love is who God is and what He does. That statement alone is powerful! This is sort of a tangent but here goes. I think I often seek love or approval from others, but more and more I am coming to believe that this is not possible or practical. The only love I should seek is that of God whose blessings are boundless and with my best interest at heart. I’m totally not saying that my friends or family don’t have this same desire, however, we as flawed humans, no matter how hard we try, can disappoint, hurt and let each other down. I know I do my share of this. I am so thankful for all my friends and family who continue to love and accept me despite my mistakes.

Fr. Sullivan also reminded us that in the body of believers we are part of an empowering circle of love with God, Jesus and His followers.

I believe a huge misinterpretation some may have about the Catholic Church is we are all about rituals and traditions. While rituals and traditions are very important and hold a special place during Mass and prayer, the foundation of what we believe is no different from our other brothers and sisters in Christ. Today’s homily and readings also hammered home that in Christ we are not slaves but friends. We are called into a relationship with Him. For me I find our rituals and traditions comforting.

I believe nothing happens out of luck or chance; God puts us where we need to when we need to hear something. Today this next part of the homily is one reason I was at Mass. God calls us to remain in Him. He knows our struggles/challenges. Rather than distancing ourselves from his love we need to remember/remain in his love which will see us through anything. As I mentioned above, lately I have been doing this tug of war with God. I’m not proud that I have been pulling away from what I know and believe, but I want this blog to be a place of growth and transparency so there it is. What I am blessed to have is the beauty of the Catholic Church and her sacraments which enrich, reinvigorate and renew my walk with God. The final take-home from Mass was that God calls us to remain joyful. In the Christian sense joy isn’t always simply about feeling, or being happy, rather it’s a sense of hope, courage and determination to get up every day and allowing God too guide our life.

I pray these reminders are just as helpful to you as they were to me. Again, thank you for reading and until next time,



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