Guest contributor: Holding onto hope and keeping the faith

Happy humid May day reader,

Today I bring to you wise words from a dear social worker friend. Not only did her words of wisdom come at the right time, they also put life into perspective. I continue to remind myself God is able to turn our struggles into strengths if we allow Him to work in our lives. Here is what Jenea has to say:

“It’s late, I know you had a crazy day, but I wanted to share this with you.  You know how you’ve been saying “how am I going to do this semester?” Well I’ve been thinking the same thing about myself and trying to apply different things to it for strength as I rely heavily on the Lord. Anyway, today I was thinking about Peter walking on the water.  It’s my favorite bible story!
So Christ walks on the water and Christ asks Peter to come to him.  Peter has great faith at this time (we did too a year ago!!), he begins to walk and is doing well! The waves start crashing (we need an A or we have crazy professors) and he looks down (we say we can’t do this, we question how are we going to) and becomes scared (I know IM scared) he loses his faith and doesn’t think he can do it, well he begins to sink, he loses faith (we start to get discouraged and begin to fall). But you know what?!? Even though Peter loses faith and begins to sink, Christ is there and grabs him by the arm and pulls him back into the boat!!!  I KNOW we are not alone in this! We have each other and the lord on our side! Even if something were to happen and I don’t get my a I feel I will still be taken care of especially when I do all I can to get my A! And you too! We’re going to do fine!!!! 🙂 just my Sunday thinking I thought I’d share.”


I am so thankful for the wonderful friends and family who have been placed in my life just at the right time. Reading the above message reminds me we are never alone even though we may feel abandoned. Even when we feel at our wits end we have to “tie a knot and hang on.” “This too shall pass” are just two of the statements I use to get through tough times, whether they be personal or academically related. What are your thoughts? When you feel burdened or overwhelmed by life, how to you keep afloat?

Thank you Jenea for sharing your thoughts with the blog world. Smiley

Until next time,



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