Taking a wee bit of a blog break

Good Monday to you,

Today is 6-15-15! All numbers divisible by three. I’m not sure why I have these random thoughts, so there we go. Smile

This post is going to be sort of all over the place as usual. I’ve been reflecting on the past and can’t believe in December it’ll be two years since I graduated with my BSW degree. Although it feels as if it’ll never arrive, August is nearly here! The final semester of grad school is nearly complete which is super exciting!

Reader, I pray all is going well for you. I’ve been reflecting on dependence on my faith and how at times I become swept up in this thought wave that the world has all the answers which, as a Catholic, I believe is false. I need to be reminded of the one who matters most of all in our fast-paced go get ‘em world. I’ve been stressing about jobs, my future and life in general.

I’m not sure how often I will be writing over the next month; it’s sure not a lack of interest or desire, rather I need to refocus my goals on God and trust in His timing in all aspects of my life. As much as I enjoy writing, I need to be aware of where I am spiritually. I’d rather be truthful than put on a false front that I’m this super-duper Catholic. Oh totally wrong! After an infiltration of academic ideas which are contrary to my faith, I’m a super sinner who needs to regroup and recharge.

Jesus, during this time of renewal and refocus I will draw closer to you—the one who will never dessert us, the one who only will give us the best according to your will because we are your children. I will continue to live my life, work toward my goals, Mother my gift of Kloei, read books which enrich me to grow and try my hardest to become a woman after God’s own perfect heart.

Until I write next time, know you are thought of and prayed for by a super-duper perpetual single Catholic blogger who is learning through this cathartic process to let go of what was, look forward toward what will be and never forget where I have come from. Dear one, all these lessons, whether painful, happy or in between are molding me into the woman God wants me to be. He still has lots of roughened edges to smooth out but in his timing and with my cooperation I trust his handiwork. I pray you are always working toward becoming the one God has created you to be. I pray we live out our missions to be Saints in a world which tells us to live for the moment because life is too short. While life is short eternity is forever and God will be our final judge, so let’s pursue our lives with authenticity, purpose and passion. Ok, rambles over for now.

I thank God for the lessons of detachment from the world and my desires along with firm dependence upon Him alone. God bless, best wishes and stay true to who you are and who God created you to be.

Until next time,



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