Beach trip and on the road reflections :)

Hi there bloggers,

As we wind our way back to the Keystone state, I thought I would write about my experiences today at the beach with one of my good friends from Temple. Not only was spending the day at the beach relaxing, it was also a wonderful time to reflect on life and overall lessons I have learned along the way. Specifically over the past long year. As we sat on the beach with our feet in the sand, and a cold soda in our hands, what struck me was how evident God is in all the little things in life. Whether it was the sound of the waves, the smell of the salty sea breeze or the laughter of small children who were playing in the water, His hand was at work. Over the past year I have accomplished so much but have sadly lost touch with what has always mattered most to me–my spiritual growth. Today helped me refocus on what mattered most and whom I need to put first in my life. It was such a cathartic experience even while I was feeling the waves swirl around my feet. I never want to live a day that does not go by in which I do not tell those who I love how I feel, or let my friends know how much they mean to me. Life is way to short to get caught up in the littles struggles and strifes.

I am able to confidently also say that for once in a long time I am content with being single. I am happy with what I have accomplished and where I am going in life. God willing I will continue to work to fulfill His greater plan.

I hope wherever you are in life you have found a place of peace and enjoyment.

Until next time,



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