Are we willing to reach deeper?


“Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” (Pope St. John Paul II)

Dear reader,

I hope this entry finds you well on this Labor Day weekend. I pray you have a safe, enjoyable three-day weekend full of fun, family and possibly some good food. I will be attending a good friend’s graduation party today. Well, she is so much more than just a friend; my beach bud, social work Amiga and fellow singleton. Smile

So, I am out of blog writing practice and running on snatches of sleep, which means here is to hoping my fragmented brain train makes sense.

Confession time: I am not a huge sports fan, however, when the political season starts ramping up, I am all about the mud slinging and air of competition between the two major parties. Smile. I promise I will not be weighing in on the current lineup, but there is a slight connection with the above quote.

Even though being a Christian in today’s society is not always easy, I believe it is so worth it! Many Catholic teachings, especially hot button political issues such as marriage and abortion are contrary to what the world says is on the in trend, to me the above quote emphasizes why we need to stay steadfast to our faith and not allow fear of the world or its judgments cloud our perception on our pursuit to heaven. I write this as a reminder to myself because lately I have found myself getting a bit too caught up in the world and its ideals or expectations. After some reflection, I believe this is why I have struggled to write a proper blog entry over the past few months. I found myself starting to sink into mediocrity and lost sight of the big life picture. I am not saying employment or health are not important because in order to make a living or to maintain mental/physical health I must work and exercise, but when those thoughts become overbearing and all consuming, I see the recipe for a big problem. I let my spiritual discipline lapse, which put me on a path of complacency.

I preface the below comments with the caveat that I do believe the world and humanity is good at its core, however, we have drifted more toward superficiality. We all are called to be the best we can and I believe that means reaching deeper and higher spiritually. Whether it’s challenging oneself by praying the rosary, reading a spiritual book, attending adoration, or just taking extra time to help a friend in need, these practices force us to get out of the worlds at times noisy it’s all about me realm. What are your thoughts? What helped you stay centered on spirituality or your faith?

Although I enjoy reading all types of books, I will be challenging myself to have a spiritually enriching read in my currently reading pile to keep my heart and mind centered on what matters most. I pray every day we continue to reach deeper than the wants and desires of the world and allow ourselves to serve in whatever capacity we have been called.

Until next time,



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