NAS: conversation starte

What is your take on Conversation starters?  What are some of your “go-to’s” for making conversation?


This prompt really got me thinking about how I interact with others. I often resourt to the casual comment on the weather, or simple questions such as “how are you doing”, “how is your weekend/evening/day going?”

Depending on how well I know the person, I’ll start the convo with news events or think of something we have in common like “I really liked your post on Facebook or Twitter about …”

Since I’m not a big conversation starter, especially in situations like crowds with lots of background noise, I often wait for someone to approach me. I’ve often pondered whether this is due to blindness/hearing issues or me just being introverted.

Since nonverbal seem to be quite important when starting conversations, I try my best to naturally smile and look as if I’m enjoying myself. For me, when talking to that guy I may like, blindness comes in handy. I’m not distracted by his appearance or worried about making eye contact. I try to fully engage my time and energy into the conversation.

What do you think? How do you start conversations?

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2 thoughts on “NAS: conversation starte

  1. Being blind and introverted must be a double-whammy in crowds! I have to alter my usual conversation-starting approach when I am out social dancing. The room is always loud because of the music. When I ask a man to dance, I have to remind myself that, if I walk up behind him or next to him, I have to put my hand on his shoulder so he knows to listen in my direction. When I’ve tried just speaking (no touching), they usually can’t hear me! I learned that trick during my few months in Sign Language Club back in college. You can’t exactly call out a deaf person’s name and expect that person to look your way!

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  2. I like how you said that you smile when you’re out and about. I do that myself and appreciate when other people have a pleasant look on their face. That’s not to say that we should hide any emotions, but I just find it easier to interact with people and even start a conversation when I’m smiling because it makes the other person feel at ease. When I’m in big crowds with lots or people, lots of noise, or both, I also tend to just observe and not start the conversation. I enjoy “people watching” and learning about people by observation in large crowds. I think it also has to do with being partly introverted myself that I don’t strike up conversations in large groups. I get drained easily by being in a large crowd (introvert tendency there!), so I usually don’t feel like having a conversation when lots of people are around, especially if it’s loud. (I really should not use that as an excuse to not have a conversation though.)


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