NAS: Pursuit

What does it mean to pursue and be pursued?  We talk about wanting men to pursue all the time.  How do you like to be pursued?

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Everyone’s favorite time of the week has finally arrived! I’m sure you wish I were referring to Friday, but in this blog corner of the Internet world, Tuesday’s is where NAS is at!

For a man to pursue a woman’s heart and vice versa, it takes time, desire, energy and sacrifice. After my last relationship ended, one of the many lessons we both learned through discernment was to know what each are first pursuing or going after when it comes to friendship or dating. When I looked up synonyms for pursuit, the thesaurus popped up words such as “search”, “chase”, and “hunt.” To me, this process sounds like an equally active joint effort.

For instance, pursuing means always being honest with each other no matter how painful the truth may be such as facing rejection when one person discerns the dating relationship is not meant to continue. Even though I have not recently perused my “qualities in a husband list”, I’m sure it’s quite unrealistic and can use some revamping, but having such a fluid list is the first step to knowing what you are looking for in a mate. Being pursued includes being prayed for, cared for, complimented, respected and loved flaws and all. Pursuing is maintaining a friendship and getting to know each other before discerning whether you are called to date or progress to the Holy sacrament of marriage.

I pray for a man who will always pursue my heart in good times and bad. Both partners have to actively work to win each other’s hearts on a daily basis. If called to marriage, I pray for a man who will go the distance for me and our family, who will put God first to help us prayerfully get to heaven and respect our purity when dating. I pray for a man who is willing to be confident but also show vulnerability and his imperfections. While God is the cornerstone, trust, communication, respect, encouragement and love need to be at the foundation of our relationship. Pursuing is comprised of me reciprocating these same qualities toward him as well. While it would be easy for me to have him do all the hard work, I want to be part of the pursuit process.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I like a guy to ask me out if he’s interested in a dating relationship rather than me taking that first step, but in reply to his risk-taking I will be truthful with him.

I pray for a man who will jointly take dating seriously. It is not an activity to pass time, rather the reality is we will eventually break up or get married. Pursuit is about emotional vulnerability and making a commitment if both feel they are called to marriage despite how scary it may seem.

So, now it’s your turn. What are your thoughts on being pursued? Did any of this make some sort of sense? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “NAS: Pursuit

  1. Pursuit is definitely about emotional vulnerability. That’s definitely true for the ladies, but it’s also demanded of the gentlemen. There is plenty of risk involved in being the one to make the first move, and there’s risk in saying “yes” when he asks. We will make mistakes because we’re human, but we can never be filled with love unless we open ourselves up to the possibility of heartbreak.

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