Discovering the Feminine Genius: Every Woman’s Journey (Theology of the Body) a 5 star rating

Discovering the Feminine Genius: Every Woman’s Journey (Theology of the Body)

By Katrina J. Zeno

Good evening,

I hope this entry finds you well. So, what books have you been reading? Today as I was pondering what to read next, I was thinking how the season of Advent is just around the corner. Are you planning to read a spiritual-related book?

I’ll try to make this entry short since the last one was a rambler. 🙂

Maybe it’s me, but I have tried to delve into Theology of the Body by the Great St. John Paul II, and my brain easily becomes overloaded, my prosthetic eyes glaze over, and confusion abounds. I came across this 166 page, everyday easily understood, accessible, relatable good read by Katrina Zeno which touches upon the many aspects of the spiritual masterpiece known as Theology of the Body. I enjoyed the author’s use of humor throughout the book and how she promotes self-awareness through questions at the end of each chapter. Although I enjoyed reading this book by myself, I would love to gather with a group of ladies to read, discuss and reflect over our thoughts over the concepts discussed. So, if you are looking for a group study type of read, I highly recommend this book. Also, if you are looking for a quick read for the men in your life who may not always understand the complexity of women, I am certain they will find some goodies as well.

Not only was I hooked by her personal story of being a newly single Mom, I was intrigued page-by-page to learn more about the wisdom of such beautiful teachings of who we are as women. No matter your current state in life or which vocation you feel God is calling you to, this inspirational, theological-rich, casual read will affirm who you are as a woman in Christ.

As the first chapter is titled First a Daughter, Than A bride: we always first belong to and are called to love God before any human. I look forward to revisiting this book time and time again.

It is available on


in paperback or Kindle. For my visually impaired friends, you can also find this book on


Happy reading 🙂

Until next time,



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