What is eating disorder recovery all about

“The trouble with always trying to preserve the health of the body is that it is so difficult to do without destroying the health of the mind.” G.K. Chesterton


Hello there on this brisk Saturday,

As I was working on my morning coffee combo Ensure mixture, I began to ponder the idea of when will I know I’m well? Will it be when I am able to sufficiently follow my meal plan? Or when my weight is restored to a medically acceptable number? Although these elements are important toward recovery, I believe the integration of healthiness of my mind, body and soul will give me a sense of peace and wellness. These are the aspects of what recovery is all about for me.

Recovery is about loving myself.

Recovery is not about the number on the scale or the size I wear.

Recovery is about relinquishing control and trusting in God’s greater plan.

Recovery is about reaching out to my support network when I feel weak.

Recovery is about not feeling ashamed of the journey I am on.

Recovery is about being assertive rather than repressing thoughts or feelings.

Recovery is about giving my body the nutrients it needs by following my meal plan.

Recovery is about listening to my body’s cues of hunger.

Recovery is about being compassionate toward myself when I feel the contrary.

Recovery is about reestablishing new healthy ways of coping.

Recovery is about listening, singing and dancing to music when the anorexia attempts to crowd out my happiness.

Recovery is about using the effective coping skills I have learned through therapy, treatment and life experiences.

Recovery is about not isolating.

Recovery is about recognizing and acknowledging seasonal stressors without falling into their cunning traps.

Recovery is about mitigating triggers and educating friends and family.

Recovery is about raising awareness and advocating for eating disorder prevention.

Recovery is about bouncing back from relapses stronger and wiser.

Recovery is about working a second, moment, hour or day at time and going through the various stages of the recovery process on difficult days.

Recovery is about not engaging in food or fat shaming by promoting positive body talk.

Recovery is about sustaining health and wellness even on tough days when I feel I deserve self-destruction.

Recovery is about showing gratitude and thankfulness for where I have been and the hope for where God will take me in the future.

Recovery is about a lifelong commitment to travel this road full of twists and turns while remaining dedicated to the recovery process.

Recovery is about knowing disordered eating is more about feelings rather than food fears.

Recovery is worth every breath, bite, pound and person who I may be able to reach by sharing my journey with anorexia.

We are worth recovery.

We are worth being well, whole and happy.

Until next time,




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