A Book Review: Falling In Love with Jesus

A Book Review: Falling In Love with Jesus: Abandoning Yourself to the Greatest Romance of Your Life


Kathy Troccoli, Dee Brestin

Happy 2016! On this Solemnity of Mother Mary, I pray you have a blessed, healthy and holy start to the new year!

I’ve been so excited to write this entry!! I will start off this review by saying this great read is primarily written for women, however, men can also gain a wealth of encouragement and wisdom through this beautifully written book. This book diverts from the spiritual books I often read geared toward Catholicism. Like many women, I’ll freely admit at heart I’m an old-fashioned romantic; I enjoy hand-written notes, listening to love songs and reading books with happier after ever endings. However, as a single woman I can only take the stories and songs in small doses because they are reminders of what my heart yearns for—true love from the one I pray for on a regular basis.

On Christmas day, Falling in Love with Jesus was recommended to me by my best friend and sister in Christ who patiently understands my struggles and has been such a support in prayer since we met at college. Over the Christmas season and into the new year, I’ve challenged myself to solely focus on freely accepting and loving Jesus. When I first read the Book Jacket info, I was mesmerized by the easily relatable unique stories of two women who share their deeply personal blessings and trials. Since different genres of music profoundly speak to my soul, I liked that the authors used song titles to begin each chapter.

While their lives are parallel in some aspects, Kathy and Dee are united with the joining quest to love Christ above all the distractions the world offers. Kathy is a single woman who ministers to millions through her gift of music and throughout the book shares her journal entries and letters to the husband she prays for. Even though Dee is a married woman, she elaborates on the various stages of love and struggles her marriage has gone through.

As someone who is not as versed in the Bible as much as I’d like to be, an aspect of the book I appreciated were how the authors weaved in descriptive biblical verses and stories of Mary and Martha and Ruth and Naomi into their message of how we can each continuously die to ourselves in order to fall in love with Jesus, for even in the wilderness He cares for us even though we may not see the path ahead or understand His greater plan and purpose for our lives.

Kathy and Dee remind us that while as women we also long for love, Jesus also yearns to shower His unbridled love into our hearts and souls because he is our ultimate Bridegroom, the great I AM, the one who seeks to wholly captivate our hearts. Despite all our sin and wounds, we are His beloved.

As someone who in the past has occasionally settled in the relationship department and experienced painful heartbreaks, I am at a point in life where I realize and strive to put God first because as imperfect humans we will naturally disappoint one another. If it is God’s will for me to one day marry, I pray for my fellow flawed, best friend and sinner to also have the same fervor and love for Christ and an aspiration to emulate the Holy family. Although marriage is my heart’s desire, I also am learning to be content with being a woman who is always singularly in love with Jesus no matter my vocation.

Along with spending time with this rich read, I pray we continue to seek, find and deeply fall in love with the one who matters most.

Finally, I couldn’t help but share one of my favorite Audrey Assad songs and its poignant message:


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