All about Braille

Not sure why, but I’m in a bloggy blog mood. This post is mostly going to consist of links with brief descriptions. As I’ve said in previous posts, Braille has improved my life for the better. Today as I brailled business cards with the slate and stylus, I could only send out a thought of gratitude to my parents, teachers and friends who have fostered and kept the interest of Braille alive in my life. January 4 is Louis Braille’s birthday; the man who formulated the code. It may have been a dear college friend who took an interest in learning the code so we could write each other letters over breaks, or the teacher who creatively hatched fun adventure games when I was learning the code. No matter who you are and where you have crossed paths with me, thank you for your important contribution toward literacy.

Whether it’s labeling my collection of body sprays and lotions or keeping track of papers, Braille always playes an invaluable role in my life. When studying for my LSW exam, I loaded materials on my notetaker and read till my fingers went numb and my brain was stuffed with information. Here are some links that will give you info about the Braille code and answer common questions.

Happy reading!


How blind people write Braille


10 things you probably don’t know about Braille


A site which visually shows Braille


A story about a past Braille Challenge winner


Finally follow her blog


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