A smattering of favorite Podcasts

Happy frosty freezy Monday!

Since I often try to keep up with happenings in the worlds of faith, social work and news without television being in the equation, here are some of my favorite Podcasts in no particular order. Comment with your favorites if you’d like.



This podcast is like sitting down around a table with a cup of coffee along with your best Catholic girlfriends to talk about anything under the sun. Pour a cup of your favorite hot beverage and listen away. This week Audrey assad is their guest.


Adventures in Imperfect Living

I heard of Jennifer and Greg Willits years ago on Sirius XM on their former show The Catholics Next Door. This podcast is similar to their older show. However, the feel is more relaxed and chatty. It is like talking to an average Catholic married couple about their family with all its cons, pros, and flaws.


The Catholic Guy’s show podcast

If you don’t know about Lino Rulli, or the Catholic Guy, you have to check out this show and tell me the truth about his nose. 🙂 He is on Sirius XM The Catholic Channel 129. This show is funny, his books are theologically sound and has a real feel if that makes sense. What he brings to the world of Catholic media is far from stuffy.


EWTN podcasts

If you want to know anything and everything about the Catholic Church, this is a great place to learn and grow in your faith journey.


Inteligence Squared U.S. Debates

I’m always up for a good debate which is why I was first attracted to this show during a grad school Policy course. I find unique prospectives in the debates and deeply value having my mind stretched and challenged.


Catholic Answers Live

I enjoy this podcast and the various apologists who make this show possible. I learn so much from the questions posed by Atheists and Christians from all different denominations.


In Social Work

I admit I do not listen to this podcast from Buffalo as much as I’d like, but there are many informative segments.


The Social Work Podcast

In undergrad this podcast was my first exposure to many of the hot button issues, evidence-based practices and latest happenings in my profession as a social worker. I still listen to keep up in the talk and trends of the social worky world.


NPR podcasts

Okay, call me old if you like. NPR has lots of goodies from news shows to game shows with an enriching intellectual background.


The Word on Fire Show with Bishop Robert Barron

I’m a new subscriber to this podcast, so other than the most recent cast I don’t have much to say. I’ve watched Bishop Barron’s YouTube shows and learn a lot from his down-to-earth theological sound approach.


Until next time, happy listening



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