NAS: Financial Responsibility

Money and budgeting seems to be at the top of many New Year’s plans. Finances can add stress to a relationship, but it’s obviously preferable that we know how to manage our finances before we are married, as well as have some sort of idea of how we want to share finances once we are married. What are some of your recommendations for planning your finances and budgeting your money now so that it will be less stressful down the road? Do you hope to share accounts with your spouse or have a yours/mine/our system? How have you seen other couples manage their finances in a way that works well?


Happy Tuesday readers,

As stated above, I totally agree finances are an important aspect of a marriage and something worth handling even before marriage. Since it’s a crucial part of doing the adult thing, it’s worth discussing and for me learning more about. I’m looking forward to learning from the wise NAS ladies’ tips and tricks I haven’t thought of when it comes to finances. I admit I’m probably going to parrot lots of advice I’ve been given, since I have limited experience except paying bills, saving when I can and keeping debt to a minimum.


Before I delve into this week’s topic, check out our hosts:




Here are a few tips I try my best to subscribe too:

• Create a monthly budget of bills: Not only does a budget help me stay on track with money coming in and going out, it can keep bills paid on time.

• Avoid going into default with those student loans. Fortunately, many lenders provide for various types of repayment plans.

• Have money set aside for an emergency fund: since as a single lady we don’t have another fund to rely on, it’s best to prepare for anything.

• Spend wisely: If I do not have the cash or funds, I try to only use a credit card when it’s absolutely necessary, but this isn’t a hard rule I would say is applicable to everyone.


If/when I marry, I have not quite figured out how I’d prefer to handle checking accounts. Joint checking accounts would make it easier to see what’s paid or not and what’s left. On the other hand, a mine/your system can provide the opportunity for each person to pay specific bills.

What are your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “NAS: Financial Responsibility

  1. Great tips! And yes! You can have different options for marital checking. What’s most important is that the two of you discuss together the pros and cons of different plans if you’re not sure or don’t agree, and the reasons why you’d want one plan over another and what values or vices they might stem from. Accounting plans can change; healthy habits should not!

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  2. Emergency funds are so important. That was one of the first things I did when I started budgeting for real. It brings me so much peace to know that, if I really needed money immediately, my emergency fund is there for me.

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