The Girl You Think I Am

The Girl You Think I Am

Carrie Underwood

The Girl You Think I Am


Since my earliest memories, music has been a large part of my life. Whether it was listening to classical music as I fell asleep as a child or the constant stream of Pandora which accompanies me throughout the day, music provides the soundtrack of words to feelings and thoughts I can’t always articulate.

I heard this song today on Underwood’s album Storyteller; while my interpretation may not be spot on, the lyrics reminded me of God’s unconditional love, mercy and grace for all. Today we especially remember all the unborn and those who will never see this world due to abortion.


Front row center in that little white church

I was singing at a baby laying in a manger

Eight years old wearing angel wings

Yeah, and to this day

That’s what you see

I’ve been daddy’s little girl since my last cry

And it was hard turning eighteen, saying goodbye

You told me I was gonna take the world by storm

And Mama said you cried all the way home

You think I’m strong, you think I’m fearless

Even when I’m, I’m at my weakest

You always see the best in me when I can’t

I wanna be the girl you think I am


No matter what we do, where we are or have been in life or how we feel there is a loving, merciful Father who calls us by name to spend eternity with Him. The world bombards us with choices, options, and delights that at times it can be overwhelmingly alluring. We seek to be noticed, heard and loved, but guess what? I am learning as each day passes and my soul longs for something more God can only provide all that and more.


I got my flaws and I’ve got regrets

And I know there’s more on the road ahead

When I wonder if I’ll ever measure up

Oh, I thank God for a father’s love


Oh Carrie girl, you got it right! We all have faults, flaws and regrets and we will continue being our imperfect selves, however, nothing is for naught or impossible. He is able to take our ashes and build a beautiful creation that is unique just like our fingerprints. As someone who tends to have a dose of perfectionitis from time to time, these lyrics remind me that we are good enough just the way we are. We are loved and enough no matter what the latest fad put forth by our ever-evolving culture.


Cause you think I’m brave, and you think I’m beautiful

You think that I can do the impossible

You always see the best in me when I can’t

I wanna be the girl you think I am

The girl you think I am, yeah

All I want, more than anything

Is to make you proud of me

Cause you think I’m strong, and you think I’m fearless

Even when I’m, I’m at my weakest

You believe in me; yeah, you’re my biggest fan

So I wanna be the girl you think I am

I wanna be the girl you think I am


We are beautiful and loved in the eyes of God. I imagine Jesus singing the above lyrics to each one of us. In His eyes we are strong, brave, and a unique creation.

What secular songs remind you of and strengthen your faith?

Until next time,



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