Note to self

Note to self

To the sad self,

To the lonely self,

To the defeated self,

To the questioning and confused self:

Happiness is always possible,

You are never alone,

You are a warrior: stronger than you think,

Though you may not have the answers now, someday a greater good will come from your confusion.


To the happy self,

To the confident self,

To the perky self,

To the positive self:

Hold onto your happiness,

Keep on being yourself no matter what anyone says or thinks,

Do not allow fear or doubt to steal your joy,

Believe in your abilities,

Keep on keeping on.


We become strong in the broken places,

We are a creation with a unique wonderful purpose,

We are beautiful in God’s eyes,

We are who we are for a reason.

When life knocks you down, remember:

You are valued,

You are special,

You are a treasured pearl,

You are enough.

Until next time,




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