It Is Well with my Soul, is one of the 11 tracks on Assad’s new album, Inheritance. There seems to be an apparent trend; I obviously listen to a lot of Audrey’s music, and this week I couldn’t help but share my thoughts on her new album which was released Friday the 12th.

From interviews I have heard, this album is a collection of classic hymns which she sang as a child in her Plymouth Brethren upbringing. Since she converted to Catholicism, she wanted to bring these songs to life in a new way. When I first started listening to the faith challenging album, I was mesmerized by the beautifully, ethereal, rich prayerful lyrics. Whether it was “How can I Keep from Singing”, or “Be Thou My Vision”, Audrey’s artistic talents brightly shine through her music and unprocessed voice. I would love to hear these songs at Mass.

I encourage you to check out this full-length album and remember

“…. when sorrow like sea billows roll, whatever the cost, thou hast taught me to say (TAUGHT ME!!!), it is WELL, it is well WITH MY SOUL….”

Until next time,



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