When WE are the Problem

I am reblogging this well-written entry because it brings up many points I believ are worth our time to read, especially those of us who are in the disability community.

Life Unscripted

No one can deny that people with disabilities are treated by society at large much differently than able-bodied ones. Social media activism over the past couple of years has given voice to movements like #StopAbleism and #TheAbleistScript, where people with a wide range of disabilities have articulated comments and ideas that have been whispered around us, shouted into our faces, or become internalized in our own lives. This is not to say that the situation is hopeless – far from it – but though a lot of work has been done, we have a long way to go to be treated as equals in a world that simply doesn’t know what to do with us, and occasionally doesn’t seem to care if we speak up for ourselves.

But, you see, my dear readers, there’s a flip side to this equation. If we don’t hold ourselves up as…

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