NAS: What brings you peace

What brings you peace in your single life? Hobbies? Reading? Crafts?

NAS is excited to welcome guest hosts for the month of March! First up is the lovely Britt Leigh of

Proverbial Girlfriend

Thanks Britt Leigh for hosting this weeks timely link up. Cultivating peace in my single life in the midst of feeling not okay is something I really need to devote time to examining, so why not do it now. Although in the past I was frustrated with being single, I have found peace in whatever God brings my way. I trust His plan will be greater than my wants or desires.

With all the stress of looking for jobs, applying, interviewing and waiting for answers, I am slowly learning to relax and enjoy life. Now that the weather hopefully is turning toward spring, what brings me peace is sitting outside in the early morning with a cup of coffee while listening to the birds sing. God is so evident in nature.

For the first time in a while, last week I attended daily Mass and Adoration. There is just something so peaceful about sitting in a quiet church talking with Jesus about all that is going on in my head and what’s on my heart.

Reading a good book is another source of peace, especially if I am outside with a warm breeze and sunshine. Although I may not feel peaceful, this is something I will contemplate more over the next few days.

What brings you peace?

Until next time,



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