Patience is bitterly sweet

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Aristotle


Today as I went outside to catch some vitamin D and read a book in the sun, I began feeling and hearing the distinct warm reminders spring is just around the corner. Whether it’s with my spiritual life or my emotional health, a lesson God has been teaching me is patience and that seasons always change and come to an end. I wouldn’t describe myself as always being a patient person. I often want things to happen on my warp speed timetable; however, I know although not easy, greater good will come from me learning to be still and enjoy these moments of relative calm.

A dear friend encouraged me to think of a Bible story which exemplifies this valuable virtue God is working to cultivate in my life, and the first person who came to mind was Job. He lost his livelihood, his children, and all that meant something to him. Despite experiencing devastation and isolation, through all he went through Job trusted god would reveal a greater plan.

Whether we are going through difficulties or waiting for answers to questions which could potentially lead to good news, learning to trust in God’s plan can be truthfully quite taxing, but the wait is worth every second. I continue to remind myself of this realization, especially when I feel restless about the direction of my life.

A friend posted this song on Facebook and it aptly sums up my thoughts:

Trust in You


Until next time,




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