NAS: Negative Talk

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We are talking about negative self-talk today!

Being single can leave us feeling unworthy and unlovable sometimes, but we know that it’s not true! How do you avoid negative self-talk? How do you lift yourself up instead of allowing yourself to be down? How can we continue to acknowledge our low-points, but encourage each other to something more?


Good Tuesday,

As someone who struggles with negative thoughts, and obsessive behaviors, this prompt has been so providential. I’ve been wanting to find a positive way to turn my Recent relapsing struggles into something proactive. It’s so easy to wallow in the mire of negativity by the messages we are send from society and media, that it can be gosh darn overwhelming.

For instance, right now my current fixation (without wanting to be triggering to anyone) is a particular number I found out today at my medical check-in. I know it wasn’t intentional for it to slit, but, hey mistakes happen. Now although I’ve been swarmed with crushing negative thoughts about myself and what that number means to my eating disorder recovery, I have also realized here lies a choice.

When we face negative thoughts about ourselves, whether it’s being single, the digits on the scale, how we perceive ourselves in these different facets in life, what matters is what we do with those thoughts. We can give them air and allow them to take hold of our mind, or we can, with the grace of God crush them into the nothingness they are. I know it’s sort of bold to call negative thoughts nothingness, but it’s so true. It’s a lie that we are nothing when single, or that a particular number has the sole ability to derail recovery or whatever crafty tall tale your brain likes to lull you into—remember it’s not true!

The best we I’ve found to counteract my negative thoughts is to always have a backup plan for those days my rational thoughts aren’t enough. I sometimes have to ask a close friend to remind me of the truth. Remind me of how they perceive me, or more importantly how God sees me. Having words, I can read, or hearing a friend’s voice can help coax me out of the lair of lies. Spending time journaling my thoughts, writing unsent letters at times helps me put life into perspective.

If you are struggling with negativity, please remember you are not alone, and it’s not hopeless. You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and no matter what baggage ole negative Nancy tries to bring your way, tell her to check her luggage at the curb, because you and God don’t have time for that.

Until next time,




2 thoughts on “NAS: Negative Talk

  1. Love your thoughts on this, Anjie! I like how you talk about giving those thoughts air or crushing them. That’s most helpful to me too. When I know my thoughts are going in the wrong direction, I try to be conscious of choosing to smash them and not entertaining those thoughts as much as I can help it. It truly gets easier with time, because I know I want to get rid of them. Nobody’s got time for all these lies because they can’t change who we are as God’s daughters!

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  2. It is such a blessing to have friends who can speak the truth to you. Sometimes you just can’t believe yourself, but when you have friends who would tell you if something was really up, you can rest much easier.

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