NAS: Mercy

“We must trust in the mighty power of God’s mercy. We are all sinners, but His grace transforms us and makes us new.” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


Mercy is something we have all experienced whether we were on the receiving or the giving end. Sometimes mercy comes easily and other times it’s the last thing we want to give. Mercy can be daunting – we wonder whether we are worthy or mercy or cringe at the thought of showing mercy to someone who has hurt us. How do you experience mercy in your life? How do you forgive those who have hurt you even when they are not sorry or don’t even realize they hurt you? How do you ask for mercy when you have hurt someone? How do you allow God’s infinite mercy to work in you?


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What a timely writing prompt for life experiences I have been undergoing. With all my shortcomings and flaws I often need God’s infinite mercy which I do not feel I deserve. I find myself getting caught up in anxiety, sadness or fear, however, I know logically we are all deserving of God’s mercy.

When I feel less deserving, I often experience God’s mercy in the confessional. Before Easter when I went to this powerful sacrament, I felt so horrible about where I was in life and how I fell short in showing mercy toward my family. After I received absolution along with a dose of encouragement from the priest, I felt as if a burden was lifted from my heart and mind. I did not deserve this gift, however, God willingly and always freely offers it to each one of us.

Recently I read The book, The Name of God is Mercy by Pope Francis. I highly recommend it for it’s easy to understand and conversational style; however more importantly he emphasizes forgiveness for one another and that at the end of our lives we will be judged on how well we love no matter our religious affiliation.

On a regular basis I have to ask forgiveness from those I unintentionally hurt with my words or actions. Showing and receiving mercy from loved ones, especially those I am close to seems to be a progressive process we have to go through. I believe as long as we are continuing to grow and change through the process and remembering “Jesus, I trust in you” is what matters most.

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