NAS: Ready

NAS: Ready

How ready do you think you are for your vocation? Are you ready to be committed to your vocation within the next year, or two years? That means being married (and maybe with a baby), taking religious vows, or telling people you’re not interested in marriage and plan to remain single for life. What do you still need to work on or change about yourself before you’re ready? Have you thought you were ready before? How have you become better prepared over time? Married ladies can chime in, too: how did you know it was the right time to get hitched?


Hi there,

Since I wanted to take time to ponder this prompt, I’m a day late to the link-up. Honestly, lately I haven’t thought about or fixated on my vocation of marriage. I mean, of course I wish I were in a relationship or married, but over the past few months I’ve tried to let go of my plans and timetables for life. I don’t know if I will be married in a year or two, however, there are always aspects of myself I can work on improving.

Effectively communicating when emotions are hhihgh is something I struggle doing. I am currently working on being more patient with parts of my life that aren’t in my control. I am also working on accepting who I am flaws and all.

The list of improvements could go on and on, and I’m certain even when/if I am married, or single for the rest of my life there will be parts of myself I can enhance. Although it’s imporitant to try to be our best selves, let’s also remember that who we are, where we are in life could be part of a bigger plan that we yet do not know. What are your thoughts or how would you answer this prompt?

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2 thoughts on “NAS: Ready

  1. Communication skills are key! I can relate to wanting to “let go and let God” and wanting to do what I can in the meantime.

    Oh, and no worries about “late” posts. We keep the link-up open for a whole week!

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