Discerning god’s Will

Seeking and attempting to follow God’s will in your life is the most essential and difficult task we are given. Whether it’s the decision to change jobs, date or marry a certain person, or pursue a “big V” Vocation, these circumstances all warrant prayer and soul searching. 

What is something you’ve discerned in the past or recently? How did you go about discerning God’s will? What advice would you give to someone going through a similar situation?


Hi there,

I know I often say this statement, but it’s so true. What a timely topic for the blog. As a hard-headed, strong-willed person who occasionally goes through phases of thinking I’ve got this, and sadly pushes God out of the picture, discernment is something I don’t always succeed at doing. As I get older, my heart longs to do what God desires, but there are those times when my mind is at a very different place. Fortunately, we aren’t alone in the process; we have Saints who have gone before us as mentors and teachers in how to discern god’s will.

During my first go-around at college, I first heard the topic of discernment while at a weekend Disciple Makers Conference (it’s even popular in non-Catholic circles). To me discernment means lining up our minds, hearts and souls with God’s will for our lives. It’s sure not an easy task, especially when we have the ideas, impressions and at times temptations of the world competing with the goodness of God.

When it comes to vocations, I believe right now god wants me to be single. Maybe I tell myself this because it lessens the feeling of loneliness/sadness, or maybe it’s true. He sure has put many wonderful people, experiences and opportunities in my life, however, I can truthfully say I’ve happily devoted immense amounts of time and energy toward education, family and finding employment, that I could be totally off the mark on this, but I doubt it’d be fair to the guy or easy to cultivate a healthy relationship. Another reason I believe I am doing god’s will by being single is I am content with my state in life. Even though God is trying to teach me lessons I can learn by being single, I still pray for the one I was made to complement. Peace is a big piece of discernment.

Now, away from all that mushy stuff. When I am discerning something big or little, I want to proceed with my mind or intellect, but I know this isn’t always the best path.

I’m a huge fan of the Catholic Channel, on Sirius XM radio and once I heard Father Johnathon Morris say something like “if it doesn’t get you to heaven, then it’s not a good idea.” I’ve always kept that tidbit in the back of my mind for mostly little decisions.

As mentioned in Morgan’s post, we as Catholics are so blessed to have the Bible and Church teachings to guide our steps. I pray all our decisions and choices in life bring god the glory because He wants what’s best for us.

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One thought on “Discerning god’s Will

  1. That *is* a handy sound bite about discernment! I’m glad that you’ve found contentment with your state in life. It’s tough to go forward in faith when you’re discontented.


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