A book review: The Thrill of the Chaste

“Being singular means that your life is built on God, not another person, and that you are pursuing Him in an active and committed way, seeking to be the best version of yourself so as to make the most of the gifts He has given you. That is a life of purpose and love, regardless of status or vocation.”

Dawn Eden


The Thrill of the Chaste (Catholic Edition): Finding Fulfillment While Keeping your Clothes on


sDawn Eden


The Thrill of the Chaste, second edition, is a must-read, insightful, engaging, thoughtful honest book for any Christian no matter their vocation who seeks solid rationales about why the hook-up culture is so disadvantageous to our hearts, minds, body and soul. Dawn revisits ideas in the previous edition as well as shares her dynamic conversion story to Catholicism in this edition. Along with this foundation, the author emphasizes the many enriching treasures found in the Catholic Church related to chastity, sexuality and love. Whether it’s the counter-cultural stance we have on prolife issues, or the value of family, this book helped me refocus on what matters most despite the many contrary societal messages which are constantly being pushed our way.

I valued Dawn’s words on chastity, modesty, sexuality and love. As a single Mom who hasn’t always made the best Choices, I am always skeptical about how these issues will be presented, however, this book did not come across as condemning or preachy. Rather she uses her unique past and new insights since the last edition as a testimony to the healing grace, mercy and love of God as well as the wisdom found in the teachings of the Church.

A resounding message from this book which I will put into practice is rather than anxiously waiting for a date, my future husband, or more children, friendship with God and the desire to follow His will provides opportunities for growth no matter where we are in life.

If you are looking for a practical gem to read time and time again along with challenging your mind, changing your heart and redefining what you do and say with your body, this is a brilliant book.

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