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Wishing you a blessed Solemnity of the Saints’ on this holy day! I am beyond overdue when it comes to linking up with the lovely ladies of NAS. Here’s to hoping I can remedy this oversight by participating in future link ups.

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How would you describe your personal, individual spiritual life? How do you want to share your personal spirituality with your future husband? How important is it to you to share a religion with your husband? If you want to join a religious order or movement (or already belong to one) as a lay member, do you want him to join, too? What aspects of your spiritual life are you hoping to share or do together? Is anything non-negotiable?


As we draw closer to Advent, what a wonderful prompt full of great questions to ponder. Just so you know, if my post seems disjointed, it is because I truthfully have not put much time and energy into thinking about either a future relationship or my future husband if that is God’s will. So, shout out to Lindsay for encouraging me to take a pause from the day-in-and-day-out work and life routine to dedicate time to focus on my spiritual life as well as what it would look like if a significant other were involved. I preface my comments by reminding myself whether god brings a man into my life or not, this does not negate the fact I can continue to grow and change for the better with the help and support of my friends near and far.


Although my spiritual life is currently not where I would like it to be, I remind myself that every day is a chance to begin again. Prayer and music are large parts of my life. Being able to openly pray, discuss faith and spirituality or occasionally jam out to some Audrey Assad or Matt Maher when the spirit strikes are non-negotiables Since I would not want either one of our faith beliefs to be hidden or shameful.

For various reasons, I am not always able to attend weekly Mass, which for me has always been a source of rejuvenation and provided a place of spiritual centeredness. Based on my positive enriching experience in my last relationship, I know for certain in a future relationship, I would want to attend Mass or Adoration together not out of obligation, rather out of a love for what Mass or adoration stands for—quality time to receive Jesus and gather with fellow believers.

When I was in my undergrad program, I experienced so much growth when participating in the Catholic Campus Ministry small group Why Be Catholic discussions. I miss the flexibility of attending daily Mass and adoration; it was a lovely way to begin the day with God as my focus.

While life is much more demanding of my time than it was when in college, I would love to become more involved in some type of small group Bible study or spiritual book discussion. Being able to freely share gained knowledge and realizations with a significant other would not only challenge me to further live out my faith, it would help me to be held accountable.

In the past 6 months, I have attended a few TOT (Theology on Tap) get-togethers and Get Connected events geared toward “young adults” held by my local Diocese, but once again life or the inconveniences of blindness come into play and frustratingly wreck my intentions. I will be the first to admit as an introverted type, large group events or activities tend to produce panic and due to overwhelming anxiety, I am not able to enjoy myself.

Long story short, typically the large group settings are not my style, however, I would not be opposed to the challenge to step outside of my comfort zone.

Finally, regarding the topic of sharing a religion is something I have pondered. Although I feel as if statistically I am limiting my chances, I have concluded I would not be able to date or marry a non-Christian. Initially I was going to go as far to saying I would not be able to date Non-Catholics, but I am open to the truth that God works in mysterious ways, and maybe my future Mr. To Be Known will join RCIA and convert. J

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4 thoughts on “NAS: Sharing Spirituality

  1. It wasn’t until I read your post that I realized working on your *own* spiritual life is a great way to prepare for a shared marital spiritual life. You are right on the money! And I hear you on missing college involvement. I still feel like I have a decent amount of flexible time, and I fill it up with social activities as much as possible (partly to meet men, partly to just get out of the house), but it’s nothing like back when I was in school. I used to go to Mass six days a week and consider that NBD!

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  2. Thank you for sharing; I don’t have any non-negotiables regarding a future spouse, if it’s deemed God’s will; really, I have no restrictions.

    Not sure if I will get married, but I think I hope to one day …

    On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 9:11 PM, “Here I am, the Handmaid of the Lord” wrote:

    > followingfaith528 posted: “Wishing you a blessed Solemnity of the Saints’ > on this holy day! I am beyond overdue when it comes to linking up with the > lovely ladies of NAS. Here’s to hoping I can remedy this oversight by > participating in future link ups. Following is the most recent” >

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  3. Thanks for linking up, Anjie! I’m right there with you knowing my faith life isn’t where I’d like it to be. It’s such a work in progress, huh? I’m so sorry you can’t always make it to mass, and hope something works out to help you get there more often! I’d miss it too if I were you. I find that large events aren’t my cup of tea either, and am still figuring out what to devote my time to. Do you enjoy audio books at all? I’ve found that books have really helped my faith. And there are great podcasts too! I also pray the rosary on the way to work each morning while listening to a cd recording. If you’d use it, I totally have an extra copy of the cd and would be happy to send it to you!

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    1. Hi Laura, thank you so much for your kind comment. 🙂 Yes, I enjoy listening to audiobooks and subscribe to a few resources. Since my iPhone is A multipurpose device, I have a few different audio rosary apps I enjoy using and subscribe to way too many podcasts which I try and unfortunately have a difficult time keeping up with.☺️


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