What We Deserve reflection

Hi all on this rainy day,

Based on unfortunate happenings today, I have been forced to seriously evaluate what I deserve in life, and rather than focusing inward, I believe these criteria are applicable to us as human beings. Especially also with Valentine’s Day coming up this Tuesday, when most of our society is focused on “love”, many men and women are sadly suffering through abusive relationships. May we always be mindful abuse does not have to be just physical. At times emotional, mental and verbal abuse can cause deeper wounds than one can visually see, for anyone who has also come through to the other side of an abusive relationship, may we never forget this short list of things we all deserve no matter our pasts, current situations or future choices.

We deserve:

•To be heard

•To be ourselves

•To be loved.

•To make mistakes and learn from them.

•To have joint control and say in decisions in relationships

•To make our own decisions whether good or bad

•To be respected for our choices

•To be honest with those who hurt us with our words or actions

•To give respect, love, and attentiveness to others.

•To guard our heart

•To listen before speaking

•To not have to justify our actions as adults to others in order to seek their approval

•To value and love ourselves by caring for our mind, body and spirit

•To be happy

•To feel sad and share our pain with those we trust

•To be ourselves with all our authentic strengths and weaknesses

•To improve ourselves

•To make choices

•To live our lives free of emotional manipulation, retribution or fear

•To actively live out our chosen faith in supportive communities void of condemnation

•To live this precious gift of life

Whether someone tells you on Valentine’s Day or all the other days of the year, know you are valued, a unique gem and this world would not be the same without you.

Until next time,




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