Lessons of Growth and Gratitude

“The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence; the past is a place of learning, not a place of living.” Roy T. Bennett

On this blustery, snowy, Stella East coast stormy Tuesday, wishing you a happy Pi (3.14) day. I have missed catching up on reading posts and often remind myself I want to interact more by commenting to your wisdom and beautiful words, but it seems as if whether it’s work, or life in general, time has its way of passing way too fast for my liking.
After rebounding from feeling down, in no order here are a mixture of gratitude gems and lessons which range from silly to serious that I am blessed to have been reminded of recently despite my stubborn tendencies. I pray in some way these realizations can speak to you as well.

•I am thankful for the communion of Saints. Because of a wise friends Google search, since January I have prayed for the intercession of Eulalia of Mérid, the patron saint of snow days and inclement weather, and thanks be to God this wintry mix has enabled me to enjoy a warm relaxing day at home.

•I am thankful for past romantic relationships with their unique chapters in this constantly evolving story called my life. Pain and brokenness have forced me to learn the strength of resilience, heartbreaks have emphasized the value of vulnerability and the beauty of allowing learned experiences whether good or bad to mold me into a stronger, riser woman.

•I am thankful for various genres of music. Pop, classic rock, country, contemporary Christian, etc. with their rich soul-shaking lyrics and melodies expertly express the at times topsy-turvy thoughts and fragile feelings I try to avoid.

•When down in the valley of depression or taking on the tiring struggles with eating disorder relapse along with the difficult daily dedication toward recovery, I am thankful for the lessons of worldly detachment with heaven as the goal and the recognition that God’s agape love is my one source of unwavering strength to keep on keeping on despite my fleeting feelings.

•I am thankful for the Catholic Church. With Her flaws, failures, spiritual successes, rich Biblical lineage, and the countless saints and sinners who have gone before me through modeling the freedom of living out the Christian faith gives me a tangible earthly foundation from which to build my life, decisions and future upon.

•I am thankful for Braille and the gift of literacy. The talented authors who use their words, literary excellence, wisdom, wit, real stories as a needed relief from our demanding over-stimulating world enable me to step back from noise and settle into the silence of imagination, intellect and adventure.

•I am thankful for the 4 years we have been blessed to have papa Francis as our Pope and look forward too many to come. As the earthly shepherd of Christ’s Church, I pray for his continued health and through his words and actions, have learned so many invaluable lessons about what it means to truly step out of our comfort zones to build a culture of encounter to dismantle the trend toward treating people as things to be disposed of or objects to be used. Through his profound displays of mercy, his real-world examples of being the hands and feet of Christ on earth, in our rat-race world his calm but firm voice reminds me even though I feel undeserving, no matter my past, my current mistakes or future faults, God’s unconditional love and mercy which are new everyday are precious priceless gifts of which I will always be eternally grateful.

“A genuinely Catholic life should feed the soul as well as the mind; should offer a vision of men and women made whole by the love of God, the knowledge of creation, and the reality of things unseen; should enable us to see the beauty of the world in the light of eternity; and should help us recapture the nobility of the human story and the dignity of the human person. This is the kind of witness that sets fire to the human heart.”
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Lessons of Growth and Gratitude

  1. I love this list. May I pray for you in your eating disorder recovery? I too suffer from an eating disorder and I have found something that settles my spirit with it is knowing that others are praying for me and my recovery!

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