As We Change we grow

The following quote is taken from a Facebook friend’s post:

“Sometimes, you and someone else were only meant to share a moment of time with each other. Sometimes friendships and relationships are not built to last forever, they are built to teach you a lesson. Maybe you both needed to learn something from each other that no one else in the world could teach you at that time. Maybe you both were perfect for getting each other through a terrible storm together. In life, you will fall out with people that you never thought you would. Get betrayed by people you trusted with all your heart. And get used by people you would do anything for. But life also has a beautiful side to it. You will get loved by someone you never thought you would have. Form new friendships with people that will establish more meaningful and stronger relationships. And overcome things you never thought you would get over. We all have chapters that end with people at some point in life. But take pride in knowing that the very best part of your book is still being written.”


Hi blog world,

As usual it has been some time since I took time to write and read your posts, but lately I have felt the nudge back to reflective writing, so here is a brief entry about what I have been thinking.

Often my heart feels burdened, emotionally tired and worn, however, there is this change I feel taking place. It’s a gradual realization I cannot control the outcome of relationships or situations. It’s the acceptance each day is a blessing with its unique challenges, choices and triumphs, and I can only embrace each day as a precious gift. This deeper understanding comes from years of self-imposed physical and mental torture, way too much time dedicated to pushing friends away because I always felt less than, undeserving of love or just plain unworthy.

I have somehow arrived at a place of liking who I am for the most part, along with an awareness in life comes the lesson of learning to let go of my specific plans, the comfortability to show my vulnerabilities, the past, to let go so I can change, and changing to become a more well-rounded spiritually-centered person.

Attempting to attain perfection, whether it be in my personal or professional life will only lead to this repeated feeling of inadequacy, and these unachievable goals reinforce my natural human shortcomings. I am beyond blessed by God’s gift of my relationships with friends, coworkers and family members who are helping me realize my worth, who are cheering me on as I use my words for good rather than my self-destructive actions whose purpose is to only slowly silence my voice.

Thank you for sharing your life lessons, wisdom, and most importantly pouring your trust and love into this cocooned caterpillar who prayerfully someday bud into a butterfly.

Until next time,



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