30 Days of Thankfulness

Hello there and happy Friday,

Can you believe we are already in November? I sure can’t since it feels like May. Where has time gone? I believe it’s so true that the older I get the faster times seems to pass. Perusing Facebook gave me the idea for today’s post. I’ll preface my comments by saying first that every day presents with a reason to be thankful. However, since Thanksgiving is this month, I thought I’d write down 30 things I’m thankful for in no particular order.

  1. Another day to be alive: with all I’ve put my body through, I’m blessed it’s still good to me.
  2. My daughter: she truly continues to transform my life.
  3. Family near and far
  4. Sighted friends near and far who get blindness and believe in my abilities
  5. Coffee for early mornings and just coffee in general!
  6. The ability to freely write the randomness that is my brain on this blog and in other places
  7. Music: it’s my outlet when I don’t have the words to put to how I feel
  8. A crisp page-turning hard-copy Braille book
  9. Food: although somedays we have a love/hate relationship, it nourishes my body and fuels my mind
  10. Braille: those little six dots have changed my life and opened up worlds of literacy, adventure and excitement
  11. This week’s few days of warm temperatures: being outside basking in the sun and feeling the warm breeze was glorious
  12. My iPhone: Samantha is my girl! She’s my book player, phone and so much more!
  13. Social media: I’m able to keep in touch with my friends all over the country
  14. Warm socks for cold days
  15. A merciful God who cares about and loves me despite my flaws
  16. The slate and stylus skills I learned at the Iowa Department for the Blind: if it weren’t for learning the slate and stylus, I wouldn’t have my current side project
  17. Friends in the NFB and ACB: both consumer organizations do their unique parts to change the playing field for the blind
  18. Networking: it’s a wonderful way to get to know new people and possibly find fulltime employment
  19. Alternative techniques of blindness: whether it’s through labeling, organization, or improvisation, these skills have helped me become an independent, confident person
  20. Getting together with my MSW ladies this evening for dinner and girl talks
  21. Adoration: sometimes silence and being in the presence of Jesus is what my soul needs
  22. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream: need I say more? Nam, nam!
  23. The tough life lessons I’ve learned through experiences have shaped me into who I am today.
  24. My social work degrees from Ship and Temple: I’m thankful I’ve finally found a profession I’m passionate about
  25. Old-time radio shows: I enjoy listening to the past through drama, suspense and mystery programs
  26. While I see nothing wrong with being deaf-blind, I am thankful for my remaining usable hearing
  27. Feeling overall content and happy with life
  28. Dachshunds: our silly dog is such a funny, yippy little clown
  29. Catholicism: through learning and reading, my faith has been enriched and continues to inform my life
  30. The ability to attend next weekend’s NFB state convention in Wilks-Barre: I look forward to catching up with friends, being empowered by the organizations positive blindness philosophy and learning about the recent legislative/advocacy projects

That wasn’t as difficult as I originally thought! Now it’s your turn, what are you thankful for?

Until next time,



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